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    Eagle Flight Academy sports a diverse fleet of aeroplanes

    Sling 2

    Development of the Sling 2 commenced in 2006. The Sling is a two-seat, low wing, all metal aircraft with tricycle landing gear made from composites. Our aircraft is powered by a 100hp Rotax 912iS engine driving a 3-bladed Warp Drive Inc propeller. The airplane features a sliding canopy, large fuel tanks, and standard equipment includes a “glass cockpit” style display. The aircraft has a maximum gross weight of 700kg.

    Mike Blyth began working on the design of the Sling 2 in 2006; the first prototype first flew on November 18, 2008. A full testing programme followed, with the help of a South African military aerodynamicist, which was completed in 2009. Blyth and partner James Pitman then flew the second prototype around the world to accomplish a challenging circumnavigation.
    310 Sling 2s had been completed and flown by the end of 2019.

    Eagle Flight Academy is an approved South African CAA Flight Training school (ATO1503 & ATO1504) which provides advanced training for a multitude of disciplines and caters for students from across the globe.